Portable Boilers and Exploration Services

Portable Boiler

  • Dry Steam
  • Warming Equipment
  • Dry Thawing of Sites
  • Thawing Frozen Lines
  • Steam Sterilization & Cleaning

Explosion Proof Steam Heater, Fully Certified and Mobile, Experienced Personnel

Portable Boiler Service

  • 25hp Triple pass volcano boiler with 90% efficiency
  • Fully enclosed-completely independent
  • 13kw diesel generator mounted inside
  • 400ft of 1” steam hose
  • Totally portable and can be moved from site to site in minutes
  • Self contained 3500litre water tank with internal baffling and plastic coating
  • Because of the newer design, boiler takes less fuel than older models
  • Boiler emissions very low due to efficient design
  • The efficient design also makes this small, but powerful boiler, equal to a 40-50hp twin pass


  • Used for thawing frozen ground and drying at the same time with heat tracing
  • Provides direct heat onto frozen pipes or equipment
  • Snake though a frozen line in minutes no matter the size
  • Can replace existing boilers in plants or factories, during downtime.
  • Sterilizing
  • Explosion proof heat exchanger with fan for heating equipment or wellheads
  • Cleaning of equipment with low pressure steam
  • Used in construction, oilfield, milk processing, gas plants, refineries, factories
  • Municipalities use for warming equipment, thawing pipes and sewers

Dry Steam "Advantages" (over high pressure hot heating units)

  • No soil saturation for thawing (will actually dry ground)-no surface freezing
  • Direct heat with little water (Dry Steam)
  • Heat many areas at the same time eliminating risk of freezing problems
  • Completely Self contained  with electric generator
  • Portable-Self contained- Capable of travelling anywhere
  • Capable of carrying 600 litres of fuel and 3500 litres of water
  • Very few moving parts (Minimal downtime)
  • 400ft of steam hose
  • Requires less water

The ultimate in portable heat!

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