Industrial / Commercial

Sutherland Excavating Ltd. has been providing installation contracting, earthmoving, trucking and heavy equipment services to the industries of New Brunswick for over 32 years. We have been involved in countless projects supplying foundation excavation, backfill, grading, drain tile, sand and stone, excavating trenches and building driveways and culverts. We have re-located rail lines, installed petroleum dispensing systems, and cleaned up oil spills. We have installed temporary boilers and demolished huge bunker C storage tanks. We have cleaned up to 100's of contaminated sites and we have responded to many oil spills, including marine spills and truck rollovers.

We do bulk tank cleaning and can arrange thickness testing. We update petroleum storage systems, as well as water and sewer infrastructure.

All our workers meet the strict requirements of the major oil companies. We participate in ISO and EMS plans and offer annual employee training.

Our equipment rental fleet consists of excavators, loaders, dozer and a full size VAC TRUCK available with qualified, experienced operators and covered by general and environmental insurance.

We also provide specialized services such as water and leacheate hauling, marine work boats, land based dredging and oil spill response.

Sutherland Excavating Ltd. has worked on gas stations, car washes, pulp mills, mines and smelters, hospitals, apartment buildings and most other types of construction in New Brunswick.